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Whimsical Cats

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Whimsical Barn Cats?

Was just reading in the Equiery horse magazine about barn cats. It might be fun to create some cat paintings based on Barn Cat personalities:-) I guess they would be a bit more lean and muscular, and bold and some would be lazy just sleeping on top of the horse blankets. Do you have a barn cat with a funny personality?

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Great Gift for Cat Lovers…a Whimsical Cat Calendar

Hi Cat Lovers,
I have designed, just for you, a little Whimsical Cat Calendar. The Whimsical Cat Calendar contains all 12 of my funny little cat paintings. I hope you enjoy it! Happy Holidays!

2013 Whimsical Cat Calendar

For all the cat lovers in your life! 12 months of Whimsical Cat Art by Barbara Rush

Click the calendar image to see the full calendar:-)

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My cats are morning people

Some days when my alarm goes off and it’s time to get up I hit the snooze button only to have a cat come flop on me:-) They are so cute (even at 10 years old) and it’s so nice to have a kitty snuggling in the crook of my arm as I wait for the alarm to go off again.

As I wash my face and brush my teeth, they make me feel like a rock star. They follow me around like the paparazzi watching my every move, just looking for an opportunity to get pet or put their “two cents” worth in.

Wow, talk about someone making you feel like you are the center of the universe! Cats are the best!

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Ms. Kitty

This is one of my latest cat paintings. I really enjoyed making her tail dress-like and then added the bow around her neck for an accent. It seems like every time I paint a cat, their eyes come out differently and they develop their own personalities:-)

She reminds me of Ms. Kitty from Gunsmoke!

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Hello world!

Hi all you self-admitted crazy cat lovers:-) welcome to my new blog. Hopefully this will be a fun place for you to visit from time to time as I build my line of whimsical cats. I am actually a contemporary equine artist but one day a cat appeared on my canvas (about a year ago) and the collection has grown enough to give them their own website now.

I have had many wonderful cats in my life and currently have four…three half-siamese and one black cat.

What kind of cat(s) do you have?


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